Math class meets M W F at 10:15

I am so excited to work with these amazing students! We began by watching a video from Stanford Mathematics professor Jo Boaler, focusing on 4 really important messages that we will be reinforcing throughout the year.

After we discussed the video, we talked a bit about the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, and students did a self-assessment as to their mindset.

FIXED MINDSET: Assumes intelligence and other qualities, abilities, and talents are fixed traits that cannot be significantly developed.

GROWTH MINDSET: Assumes intellligence and other qualities, abilities and talents can be developed with effort, learning and dedication over time.

On Wednesday, we started with Which One Doesn’t Belong? WODB activities help students to develop reasoning skills, make logical arguments, express their ideas in words, and engage with visual mathematicswhich ultimately leads to deeper and more meaningful understanding of challenging topics and concepts.
Next, we did our first MATH MINUTE. Math Minutes are sets of 10 problems that students do on their own, then discuss as a group. The discussion helps students to articulate and share their reasoning, politely give and accept criticism, be comfortable with mistakes, and build math fluency. The problems provide students with practice in every key area of sixth-grade math instruction.
  • computation
  • number sense
  • reading graphs
  • problem solving
  • patterns and sequences
  • date analysis and probability
  • spatial reasoning
  • fractions
  • algebra and functions
  • geometry
Together, students worked on the Four 4’s task. For students, this is a very safe and non threatening activity. It builds number sense and is a fun challenge. This task is also a really nice way of helping them become comfortable sharing their work in front of the class.

On Friday, students discovered that they could not seem to complete the Four 4’s task. I showed them factorial (!) which is very helpful for 11 and 13. We had some WWDB? discussions and completed Minute 2. Next up, tiling the plane.