Let me start out by saying THANK YOU for reminding your children to come to math class, and for helping them learn how to use Google Meets. On the whole, things have been going pretty well. Please note that there is always a lesson video posted on Google Classroom on days when there is homework (usually MON and WED), for students who missed class or who need to revisit the material. Here is what we have been working on since Spring Break.

DateDayLive Hangout Lesson
April 6MON Review – missing numbers, decimal, coordinates, probability, area of a triangle
April 8WEDArea models and multiplication, 5.7 Decimals
April 10FRISICK – no Class
April 13MONReview – cupcake challenge, sail area, delicious decimals
April 15WEDunit 5 assessment / QUIZ
April17FRIKhan Academy Day!
April 20MONTax Lesson #2
.April 22WED6.1 Tape Diagrams and Equations
6.2 Truth and Equations, Story Problems
April 24FRI Using Inverse Operations to Solve + –
6.2.3 Task Statements Together
April 27MONreview probability, volume
6.4 Practice Writing and Solving Equations
April 29WED6.5-6.6 Solving Equations
May 1FRIDiscuss homework expectations
go over MON and WED homework problems
May 4MONreview solving equations + – * /
May 6WED6.7 Percentages
May 8FRIreview coordinates, combining coefficients, PEMDAS
quiz (together) Chapter 6