6th Grade Math Groups meet 11:30-12:25 in the 4th floor Computer Lab on M/W or T/Th, plus alternate Fridays.

Contact Janeen: jcohen@nnms.org

Math is visual, creative, and open!

Math experiences have an enormous effect on childrens’ lives. Fear and trauma can affect development on many levels. Pervasive myths about math learning, stereotype threat, a focus on speed, and fixed mindset messaging can be seriously damaging. Research shows that teachers can significantly change students’ mathematical trajectories by creating a safe and stress free class culture that nurtures a growth mindset, deep number sense, communication, collaboration, the development of personal strategies, and the value of mistakes.


This class is intended as a transition to 7th grade math. The curriculum covers Common Core math standards and Illustrative Math activities, as well as performance tasks addressing the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice.


Math Minutes

—  sets of 10 problems  that help students to solve problems effortlessly and rapidly. We usually do them at the start of every class. They are scored, and we  discuss any approach a student takes to get an answer.  New skills are addressed as the year unfolds, but each Minute includes one of each type of problem.

  • computation
  • number sense
  • reading graphs
  • problem solving
  • patterns and sequences
  • data analysis and probability
  • spatial reasoning
  • fractions
  • algebra and functions
  • geometry

About Janeen

  • BA Mathematics
  • MS Middle School Science
  • 29 years at Near North
  • 21 years tutoring (grade 4 — calculus)
  • 10 years teaching Math Groups